Monday, January 25, 2010

A reminder why to lose weight...

As much as I want to tone down and look great, it's moments like this that make me realize the REAL reasons I want to lose weight AND get fit!!!

I just ran up and down long flights of stairs, across a short 4 lane bridge and another 40m to catch my bus and I am out of breath!! How sad eh??

Sigh... And THAT is why diet and being thin is not enough. To truly be healthy I need to exercise more. I guess the only good thing to take from this is that I ran further and it took me less time to catch my breath than it did last week... Hopefully that means my stair climbing and walking is working. *fingers crossed*

Any other recommendations to help me incorporate exercise into my daily routine are welcome!! Unfortunately I'm a full time university accounting student in her final year who also works full time, so my daily routine includes a lot of sitting on my butt in class, at work and of course studying.

Hopefully I can attract some followers soon who can exchange ideas with me.


  1. A thing that helps me and it sounds silly but when Im stuck sittin in a chair i secretly tighten my butt ☺ it works teehee and I also try to stand whenever I can...for example instead of sittin on the bench waiting for the bus, I stand it burns more calories then sitting, just lil things i guess ☺

  2. Those are great ideas. Thanks :)

    One thing I do try to do is when I'm sitting in class, I lift my legs with my butt up and down for probably 40 reps... Part of that may be ADD though hehe.