Wednesday, January 19, 2011

P.S. bridal show

P.S... Went to the Wedding Palace bridal show on Saturday (and Sexapalooza on Sunday.)

It was wonderful to get so many great ideas for the wedding, but was so overwhelming. I decided on the photographer and cake creator that I want, now I just need a date and a venue!

As always, ideas are welcome! ♥

Finally.. the weight.

So I haven't got my measurements yet (inches..) but I went out and bought a scale and finally have my weight.

I am a little (a lot) disappointed with myself. I feel as if I had lost about 5 lbs until last week when I went a bit crazy with the all-you-can-eat buffets (5STAR!) available all week and got out of my workout routine.. although I did fit in a workout, a swim, and a good hour of hardcore dancing which caused me to sweat for sure!

Anyway... here are the numbers (per my new scale, so I will assume they're accurate though I don't really know...)

Weight: 203.2 lbs
Body fat percentage: 45.9%
Body water percentage: 37.7%

YIKES! ... I am watching Biggest Loser and one of the heaviest people on campus had only a 40% body fat, and the woman with the highest percentage EVER on the show (11 seasons) is at 53%. Talk about motivation to put away the junk food and eat better plus hit the workouts hard!!

Well, I am out to try to clean our kitchen. I don't know how people manage family / friends / work / volunteering / hobbies, there just don't seem to be enough hours in the day.

In other news... 1 1/2 days until I find out whether or not I passed the Core Knowledge Exam.. **fingers crossed!**

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

January 4th...

So I am anxious as could be... tomorrow I write my Core Knowledge Exam.. the first of three major exams I have to write this year if I want to get my Chartered Accountant desingation.

I haven't been sleeping well and have been feeling nauseous with nerves, so tonight I'm just trying to get my mind off things!

I worked out twice today.. once around noon to take a break from studying, I got in about half an hour of cardio (hills on the elliptical.. I am so out of shape I was ready to die!) and then I did some lunges with free weights, and followed up with some bicep and tricep curls.

Then tonight, trying to calm down I turned to my 'go-to' food... ice cream. I was getting ready to make a deliciousss chocolate milkshake, then realized, that really wasn't going to help. So, instead I got back on the elliptical for 15 minutes at level 3.

I was watching 'X-Weighted' and now I'm watching the season premiere of the Biggest Loser and I realize I should be taking some measurements. So, tomorrow, I hope my fiancé will help me with that. I also hope he can hook up the wii so I can weigh myself.. (I am technologically illiterate!)

Anyway, I hope everyone is sticking to their New Year's resolutions... best of luck to everyone!


Saturday, January 1, 2011

Before Photos - Jan. 1, 2011

Here they are... BEFORE photos, as of January 1, 2011.

Unfortunately my Wii is not connected so I don't have my exact weight, but I would estimate 205lbs. I will get it tomorrow though.

Let's try this again

So, in stereotypical fashion, I am going to be trying to lose weight again this year, but it is purely coincidental that I am posting this first post on New Year's Day.

2010 was a wonderful year for me... I graduated from my Bachelor program at the University of Ottawa and on the day of my convocation the love of my life proposed in front of my whole family! Of course, I accepted. This has been a big motivator for me to lose the weight I tried to do last year.

As in every year, 2010 had its struggles as well. The biggest one of which for me was a car accident I was in at the end of April. Since my accident I have had significant back issues and put on about 20lbs. Therefore I have a lot more work to do now thatn ever!!

So, what am I going to do about it?

Well, to begin, I've set myself some goals. I want to lose 40lbs by the end of December 2011. As a result, I'm hoping to drop the weight at the following rate:

Jan 5 lbs
Feb 6 lbs
Mar 6 lbs
Apr 5 lbs
May 5 lbs
June 3 lbs
July 3 lbs
Aug 2 lbs
Sept 2 lbs
Oct 2 lbs
Nov 1 lbs
Dec 0 lbs
40 lbs in one year!

I also have went out and purchased an elliptical which my fiancé and I have put together in our dining room. Since we really can't afford for me to get a gym membership and save for our wedding, and I would look for any excuse to avoid cardio, we think this is a practical solution for me.

I also am re-enrolling in kickboxing classes this winter and spring. I love these classes and am currently looking for a friend to do them with. My fiancé also bought me more boxing equipment for Christmas so we can do it together at home!

Finally, my fiancé and I have committed to cooking more of our meals at home, brown-bagging our lunches and overall improving our eating habits. I know that I can't do it alone while he's eating junk food, so I am more than grateful that he is in on this with me.

Now, I am going to go turn on the Nintendo Wii and use Wii Fit to weigh myself (I don't own a scale) and will post my before pictures (taken today.)

If you read all this... thank you, and let me know because I look forward to reading your posts as well!!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Not much to update today. But I feel that if I update, it well help me remember my goals and will become a habit much easier :o)

Tomorrow is going to be hard to stay on track.. up at 5am, home at 10:30pm. Yikes!!
In good news though.. I received an unexpected scholarship yesterday so I can take more "ME" time to work out and cook good meals now, since I don't have to work quite as much...

And, I am STOKED to have two followers. Thanks ladies!! It's nice to see other people along the same path I am... Your blogs inspire me :)

G'night all, I guess I will have to post some pictures soon.. so I can have before & after's...